The European Day of Languages Championship: Get ready, get registered, go!

Here at Vocab Express we’re pleased to announce that registration is open for our European Day of Languages Championship 2013 and this year we’ve got 50 – yes, 50 – free school places to give away! Each free school entry is for up to 150 students. What’s more, enrolment is free for subscribing schools; all they need to do is follow the instructions when they log in to their Vocab Express account.

Running from Thursday 26th September until Wednesday 2nd October 2013, the Championship is the perfect way to get students to brush up on their language skills at the start of a new academic year in an exciting and engaging way.

Don’t just take our word for it – last year’s winner Dartford Grammar School for Girls said: “The Championship appealed to a competitive side for languages we didn’t know [students] had! It created a great buzz; everyone was talking about it… we would definitely recommend it to other schools.”

We all know how hard it can be to get to students to settle back down into academia after the summer, but the challenge of a nationwide championship can be a great motivating tool and can encourage them to assist their classmates in language learning even after the competition finishes. To keep students on their toes and biting their nails, the real-time leader boards will enable staff and student to track the action as it happens, hopefully spurring you on to close the gap with your closest competitors!

In the language news this week, studies have shown there is a severe lack of multilingual graduates. An article in the Guardian claims that language learning needs to be addressed if the UK wants to compete with its multilingual counterparts overseas. By raising the profile of your language department within your secondary school through Vocab Express’ European Day of Languages Championship, we hope students will work harder in language lessons, and some may even be convinced to continue their language studies at college or university.

The Championship will feature language competitions in a wide selection of languages, namely German, Italian, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew and Latin. So, if you think your students would relish the chance to flaunt their French or show off their Spanish, sign up today to obtain one of the 50 free school places available to non-subscribers, each for up to 150 pupils!

Places go quick so make sure you hurry!

For more information, visit

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