Straight from a student’s mouth!

Here at Vocab Express we are always keen to hear from the schools using our online learning application. We’ve had some great feedback from Matthew Bourne, a Year 11 student at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College. It really brought a smile to our faces to find such a fan, so we thought we would share it with you all.

“Vocab Express is a fun and worthwhile language learning tool; from French to German to Urdu to Mandarin, learning these languages is made easy and enjoyable. The application teaches you new vocabulary and the correct spelling for words, and is great to use for revision to go over words you’ve previously been taught. Vocab Express is also very addictive and encourages you to be competitive through the competitions it runs nationwide. You can also have mini competitions with your friends, this encourages you to score as many points as possible, and without realising it, you are learning at the same time. I have found Vocab Express to be very useful in helping me with my language GCSE, developing my general vocabulary and extending my knowledge. Vocab Express supports all aspects of the language examinations – speaking, writing, listening and reading – and above all else it is great fun to use! I think it’s great that Vocab Express have extended their subject offering – if only all subjects had a learning tool like Vocab Express!”

It’s great to hear how passionate Matthew is about Vocab Express and language learning, having won several certificates from previous Vocab Express challenges including German and Arabic. Learning a foreign language is about more than just boosting your application for college or university, or for family holidays abroad; it improves memory, decision making and multitasking skills, and helps you to become more perceptive, focusing on relevant information, as well as receptive to other cultures.

So if you ever struggle with language learning, we hope Matthew’s blog helps spur you on. Remember, whilst it may take time and dedication, having knowledge of another language opens up so many doors!

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