Make the 1000 Words Challenge your belated New Year’s resolution!

So we’re a couple of weeks into January and whilst some of you may still be excelling in your New Year’s resolutions, the majority of us have probably already jacked in the diet and are perfectly happy munching on our leftover Christmas chocolate. Therefore, instead of resolving to drastically change oneself or break a bad habit, why not try taking up a different kind of resolution – like learning 1000 words in another language?

Sound like an impossible feat? Not when you’ve got an excellent website to help you on your language learning journey! Here at Vocab Express we’ve teamed up with dictionary publisher Oxford University Press to provide a free online platform to help secondary school pupils and adults (whether language novices or those wanting to refresh their existing skills) to learn, revise, test and progress in a range of languages. The offer forms part of the language campaign Speak to the Future which last September launched the 1000 Words Challenge.

A fan of French? Sweet on Spanish? Geared up to learn German? Initially available in all three languages with others to follow, lexicographers and language textbook authors at Oxford University Press have developed the content for the site and provided 1000 of the most common vocabulary items in each.

Learners who successfully achieve 1000 words, a first basic level of competence in a foreign language, will receive an electronic certificate for their efforts.

We’re excited to launch the new FREE site on 22 January at Bett 2014! In the meantime, register today at:

Here’s to a lang-tastic 2014!

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