Let’s hear it for our winners!

Shaking things up this March was our Global Challenge which saw schools from around the world competing to ‘wow’ us with their foreign language skills. And ‘wowed’ is what we were – more than 28,000 of you took part, scoring a hugely impressive 32 million points between you!

The main awards won were the Genius Cup, an award based upon the top 25 student scores at each school, so that different size schools can compete equally; and the Challenge Cups, based on all student scores at each school.

Our Global Challenge saw schools beating some stiff competition, but we’re pleased to announce the following winners who really excelled in proving their love of languages:

Cup School
The Genius Cup

(awarded to the school with the highest cumulative score of its top 25 students)

Cambridge International School
The Challenge Cup Piccolo

(all student scores – up to 150 registered students)

The Dixie Grammar School
The Challenge Cup Medio

(all student scores – between 151 and 500 registered students)

Cambridge International School
The Challenge Cup Grande

(all student scores – more than 501 registered students)

Southend High School for Boys

We would also like to say ‘bravo’, ‘auguri’ or ‘поздравления’ to our schools and students who led the way in the individual languages!

Cambridge International School stormed into the lead with the individual language scores, winning in Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and Latin! Excellent work guys and girls!

Our congratulations also go out to Heath Mount School (for French), Halifax High (German), Outwood Academy Valley (Polish), Manchester Grammar School (Russian) and Jack Hunt School (Urdu).

We also wanted to make sure we recognised the hard work of those individual students who really went the extra mile and came out on top.

Our top three scoring students this year were all female – a great display of girl power! Congratulations to Sarah L from St George’s School who is our reigning champion with a phenomenal score of 163,670 points! Following Sarah was Alanah B from The John of Gaunt School with 138,050 points, and in third was Megan T from Dartford Grammar School with a fantastic 137,370 points at the close of play.

We also have individual student winners in each of our 12 languages. Here’s a shout out to each of our language-loving learners:

Language Student
French Hannah T, St George’s School
Spanish Alanah B, The John of Gaunt School
German Sarah L, St George’s School
Italian Amanpeet S, Soar Valley College
Polish Christian S, The Dixie Grammar School
Mandarin Que Xian H, Cambridge International School
Japanese Shiyo M, Cambridge International School
Russian Niall G, Manchester Grammar School
Urdu Maariyaah M, Jack Hunt School
Arabic Javeed M, Sharples School
Hebrew Christian S, The Dixie Grammar School
Latin Aljaz U, Cambridge International School AND Amy D, Grammar School at Leeds (a tie!)

From everyone at Vocab Express, we’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge congratulations to all of the schools that took part in the first Global Challenge; your knowledge, determination, dedication and friendly competitiveness never ceased to amaze us! We hope you all take part in our next language championship.

For more information on our language championships and to see the full list of winners, visit www.vocabexpress.com/championships.

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