Show off your language ‘selfie’

Are you fluent in French? Sensational at Spanish? Perhaps you can twist your tongue around Tamil? You might have the skills, now’s your chance to show them to the world!

We want your language selfies. That’s right, it’s time to get out your camera, but with a twist – the challenge is to create a short video where you share with the world what languages you speak, in these languages themselves.

For a great example of a language selfie in action, check out the below video from the man behind the concept, Sandy Ritchie from SOAS, University of London. Here, he shows us his talents for English, French, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish and Tsimane!

Do you feel inspired to take part? Add your video to the Language Landscape Language Selfie map here. By mapping your recording to where you made it, we will be able to get a more accurate picture of the current geographic spread of languages around the world and raise awareness of language diversity.

The language selfie campaign forms part of the Language Landscape online world, where we can celebrate languages and help to protect rare and endangered languages by enabling their speakers to record and share their voice, creating a digital log and raising their profile.

You can get involved in the action, share your videos or join the conversation on Twitter using #languageselfie. Let’s see how quickly we can reach 100 videos on the map!

For more information, visit

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