Congratulations and celebrations!

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The results are in for the League of Champions 2014 and what a competition it has been! As the largest Vocab Express language championship ever, almost 33,000 students from more than 200 schools across the UK and as far as the Caribbean, Oman, India and Brunei took part!

Following on from the championship we’ve heard from a number of schools, how much their students loved competing, regardless of where they ended up on the league tables. We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge congratulations to everyone who competed.

While Vocab Express has run a number of exciting language championships over the past few years, it’s great to hear from some of the ‘first timers’. Battling it out for the top spots in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew and Latin, Gillian Cowie, curriculum coordinator for Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) at Littleover Community School shares her school’s experience: “I just want to say as a new recruit to Vocab Express how fantastic the League of Champions was. Our students really embraced it and some of the least likely individuals became truly obsessed with moving up the league table as well as contributing to the school’s overall position. It was a great motivator for learning languages and we look forward to distributing certificates in next week’s assembly.”

As for those schools that have already competed in previous championships, we’re thrilled to hear how fantastically they’ve done this time round. Ailsa Weymes-McElderry, head of MFL at Streatham and Clapham High School says of her school’s success: “We had a great time taking part in the League of Champions and actually tripled the record of our overall score in previous years! In French it was almost the same! We have to buy mountains of chocolate now as we set students a target of 5,000 points and so many reached this. Hopefully there aren’t any dental bills heading our way from parents!”

We are always impressed by student dedication in each and every one of our competitions and the League of Champions 2014 was no exception. It sounds as if there were some late nights during the course of the week, with many students plugging away at all hours. Jamie McAllister curriculum learning leader for MFL at Ysgol Aberconwy explains: “I was amazed at how addicted so many of our students became and some were competing against each other into the early hours of the morning!”

Language learning doesn’t have to be limited to the common European languages usually studied in class. Many competing schools clearly recognised this, trying out a variety of languages on offer for the competition. As the runaway winners, Christoph Link, curriculum leader of German at Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School comments: “The opportunity to discover other languages was a great motivator and so many girls ventured into Japanese, Hebrew, Italian and Portuguese.” This certainly paid off as Christoph adds: “In the end 628 of our 1,060 students contributed to a clear victory which saw us almost 60,000 points ahead of the runner-up.”

Learning another language is more than just learning vocabulary, it’s about opening a person’s eyes to another culture, to a different set of values and a different way of life. At Vocab Express we strive to help students recognise the importance of language learning and the opportunities available to them through this.

We hope to see even more young linguists taking part in our next championship, the Global Challenge 2015. Stay tuned for dates!

For more information on our language championships and to see the full list of winners, visit:

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