British School Al Khubairat (BSAK)

British School Al Khubairat (BSAK) is one of a number of schools in the Gulf region using Vocab Express, having first signed up in 2014. In 2015 the school, became a Vocab Express ambassador school in the region, led by Head of MFL Charlie Davies. This involves spreading the word about Vocab Express to colleagues in schools throughout the region and sharing how they have incorporated the application into their MFL teaching.

The school competed in the Global Challenge 2015, finishing in a very respectable 8th place in the Challenge Cup Medio and in 4th place for French. The standout performer among the BSAK students was then Year 8 Christian, whose score for the week of 555,555 put him in the top 20 students globally. Christian described seeing the “lucky” points tally approaching as he entered the final day and feeling as though it would be a good place to stop!

Vocab Express founder Justin Sycamore travelled to the school late last year to chat to Charlie and students about the school’s performance in the Global Challenge, as well as the difference Vocab Express has made in their MFL department.

[Update: BSAK repeated their fantastic Global Challenge performance in 2016, finishing in third place in the French Genius Cup. Christian, now in Year 9, again led the way with an improved score of 62,445.]

If you are an existing Vocab Express customer and would be interested in being a case study, please contact us on If you are not yet signed up and would like to find out more, please click her to register for a guest login.

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